Basher is a lost dog that is taken in by Henry. He eats some of Henry`s biscuits from his secret biscuit stash. (Horrid Henry and the Lost Dog)

Name: Basher

AKA: Lost Dog

Friends: Henry


Enemies: Margaret



Basher is a lost pug that is taken in by Henry. (Horrid Henry and the Lost Dog) Basher is found behind a gnome. He and Henry raid Margarets picnic and try to dig a hole for Mum's rose bush until Peter seems suspicious of the hole sees Basher's fur sample. He finds out that Henry has hidden Basher. Henry and Peter try look for him until they find him in the fort eating bacon. They bring Basher to the owner. Henry, still depressed about the loss of his friend soons realises that Basher had took a No.2 in Margaret's slippers. Henry soon laughs.


Basher is a black pug with a yellow collar.


Basher is one of Henry bestest animal friends and will help outwit Margaret. He is shown to be a playful, happy, friendly pug but does not like Margaret.


  • Basher is presumably a reference to Gnasher, the dog of Dennis the Menace, who is similar to Henry.
  • Like Fang, Henry and Basher are good friends.

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