"Don't Be Horrid Henry" is a book written by Francesca Simon. The book is aimed at a younger audience, unlike the other Horrid Henry books. It was also the only book to be illustrated by Kevin McAleenan.


It's a dreadful shock for Horrid Henry when Perfect Peter is born, and despite his best - or worst - efforts, he can't manage to get rid of him. As Peter gets bigger, Henry gets crosser. But the day comes when Henry inadvertently finds himself saving Peter from a fierce dog and discovers that it's rather nice to be a hero.



  • This story was included in the book, "Horrid Henry's Bedtime", with illustrations by Tony Ross instead of Kevin McAleenan.
  • Elements from this story were included in the episode "Horrid Henry Trapped".


  • Mum's hair is brown and Dad's hair is blonde in this book, but they are the opposite way round in the actual stories.
  • Fluffy looks different in this book.

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