If you are looking for the 3DS variant, it will come soon.

Evil Emperor Land is the first level of Horrid Henry's Horrid Adventure.

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After Margaret scatters items over 3 maps, Henry goes through one of them to retrieve some.

The sewers are filled with germ creatures and goo bots which lead to a Goo Factory.


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Blue Germ - A common and non moving enemy, can be stunned by slime.

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Pink Germ - A turret based enemy, fires shots upwards.

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Purple Germ - A moving enemy that moves side to side.

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Orange SIC Drone - Similar to Purple Germ but moves in the air and can move up and down and sideways

Goo Bot - Slightly faster than the Purple Germ.

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Sewer Shark - An aquatic enemy which can be found underwater,

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Margaret's Goo Robot - The boss.

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