Fred Fartwell

Fred Fartwell. (Horrid Henry and the Green Machine)

Fred Fartwell is the main character of the 1960 Gross Class Zero, one of Henry's favourite shows.


Wait a minute. They kidnapped Zack Zitface

hey Evil Emperor. leave Zack and Barbara alone you big meanie.

Hurry Up. Barbara we are going to get Zack Zitface now who's with me

Where's Zack Zitface

My Infection your are. Evil Emperor

I cant maybe your melting eyes are in the robot version. snot bogeys, fart pooh

Knock it of Barbara

Shut Up, Barabra Conk-Bogie, Shut Up All of you

Yes, Zack Zitface the Evil Emperor up in the ship you weirdo

I'am still the smelliest

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