Not to be confused with Greasy Greta

Great Aunt Greta

Great Aunt Greta

She appears to be wearing a pink knitted sweater, with a darker pink skirt

Great Aunt Greta is Henry and Peter's very old great-aunt who thinks Henry is a girl called Henrietta and Peter a teenager. She sends Peter cool stuff, and Henry girly stuff.

In the movie, after Ashton Primary has closed down, Great Aunt Greta is paying for Henry and Peter's new schools, as they are expensive. She is sending Peter to Brickhouse School and Henry to Our Lady Giddiantus which is the girl school. The girls there tease Henry for being at a girl's school. With Margaret's help, the two escape The Girl's School. Great Aunt Greta was played by Prunella Scales.

She apparently has very bad eyesight. When she stays with Henry and Peter, she believed that the backyard is the fridge, that the supermarket doesn't have broccoli, and she serves Henry and Peter cat food. She also thinks a poster of Mutant Max is a supermarket employee.


  • In Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang, she makes an appearance in the old people's home.