Horrid Henry's Christmas Season 1, Episode 9


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December 24, 2006


Horrid Henry

Perfect Peter



Rich Aunt Ruby

Stuck-Up Steve


Horrid Henry is excited for christmas and he wants a green goo shooter. Later, Mum goes to the shop, and asks what Henry wants. Later on, Stuck-Up Steve and Rich Aunt Ruby visits Henry's house on Christmas eve. Henry is unhappy about this, as Steve is much richer, and has lots more toys than Henry does. At 10 o`clock, Henry decides to sneak down to change two of the labels on the presents. As he gets up, he makes sure Steve is stuck to the bed, and can not get up. In the morning, Peter, Henry and Steve was about to race down the stairs, when Steve loses his pants due to the leg of the pants being stuck to Henry's bed. When they finally come down to open presents, all the cards had been mixed up, and no one, with the exception of Peter, gets the gift they had desired. They did not know what to do, until Peter convinced them all that Santa Clause must have mixed the presents up.

The episode ends with Henry getting the thing he wanted most, despite being horrid. He spuirts everyone in slime who groan ' Don't be horrid, Henry.'


  • When Peter starts crying after having his ice sculpture broken, his lips don't move.
  • The labels on the presents appear to have already been muddled up before Henry switched them. The fax machine was originally had a label with Steve's name on it despite Mum intending to give it to Dad.