Horrid Henry's Happy Family

Title card.

Horrid Henry's Happy Family is the twenty-sixth episode of Series 2.


Mum, Dad, Peter and Henry enter a happy family comption can they win it ?


the episode begins with the family in the park when henry throws a worm at peters sandwitch where mum gives him another one when a man comes over at tells them about the happy family compotion there running the family agree to enter except henry.

Stuck up steve and aunt ruby also entered peter suggests to flower aranging much to henrys dismay mum agrees peter offers henry a cucumber sandwitch only for henry to yell he hates cucumber mum then tells henry and steve to go outside and play and stuke up steve tells henry that who ever wins they get to go on a 2 week family holiday on a tropical island henry agrees to enter it also moody margrets family entered in the house henry hoovers mum dusts henry tries to suck up bunny only to get sent to his room also they practiced being happy hanging up the washing anytime henry wasnt looking margret moved the basket which made henry blame peter much to margrets delight at school the 3 familes do things to be happy however when henrys family are having tea henry says that he loves cucumber which makes henrys family win much to steve and margrets dismay at the end henry happily relaxes at the beach leaving peter berried in the sand.

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