Horrid Henry's Sports Day is a episode in Series 1.

"Horrid Henry's Sports Day" Season 1, Episode 7


Previous episode
"Horrid Henry's School Fair" (Episode 6) (07.11.2006)
Next Episode
"Horrid Henry's Hike" (Episode 8) (09.11.2006)
The premier episode
November 8, 2006 (Wednesday)


Horrid Henry


Perfect Peter

Fluffy the Cat (Cameo)

Rude Ralph (Cameo)

Miss Battle-Axe

Spotless Sam

Tidy Ted

Anxious Andrew (cameo)

Jolly Josh (Cameo)

Singing Soraya

Brainy Brian (Cameo)

Aerobic Al

Miss Lovely

Sour Susan

Beefy Bert

Lazy Linda

Gorgeous Gurinder

Greedy Graham

Weepy William

Mrs Oddbod (Cameo)

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