Horrid Henry's Trapped! is an episode in Series 1.


Henry finds himself trapped in the cellar with Peter - things couldn't get any worse.


Peter is playing in his bedroom with Bunny, when Henry opens the door asks Peter where his video game is. Peter does not know until Henry holds Bunny in his hand and threatens to staple him to the wall if Peter does not tell him where it is. Peter snatches Bunny back and runs away with Henry chasing him until they fall in the cellar.

They try to call for help, but unfortunately Mum doesn't hear them. They try using the golf club to make some sound, but fails. Henry soon tells Peter to give him a leg up but he refuses. To force Peter, Henry throws Bunny on the shelf and sharply tells Peter again. Henry tries to reach the window but lose balances and falls. Peter tells him he didn't get Bunny. Henry soon starts saying everything has been Peter's fault ever since he was born. Henry tells him that he tried to get rid of him, but whenever he came up with a great idea, he got into trouble and blames Peter for the damages. Henry soon has enough and uses a spoon to tunnel his way out (not surprisingly, it breaks) and then uses boxes to stack for him to get out.

Peter calls Henry mean and shows that Henry once saved his life. Many years ago, Henry and Peter were playing in the park, when Peter was almost attacked by a rottweiler, until Henry scared it away. Mum thought Henry scared Peter, but soon saw that Henry was saving him.

Henry tries to cover up the truth by saying that the dog was going near Mr. Kill and scared it away. Peter still tells Henry that he did save him. But Henry lies even more, until the shelf, along with Bunny, starts to collapse on Peter, when Henry shoves him out of the way and gets crushed by the shelf.


Horrid Henry

Perfect Peter




Mr. Kill

Miss Battle-axe

Moody Margaret


  • When the shelf is collapsing, the bandages on Bunny shows up before they're even added.