Horrid Henry Gets Married

Title card.

Horrid Henry Gets Married is the thirtieth episode of Series 2.


In which Horrid Henry gets married - or does he?


The episode begins with Henry looking out at Margaret bossing Susan to lay the table for dinner(which is biscuits).

When Henry sprays Margaret with his bubble blaster, he sneaks into Margaret's garden and attempts to grab the biscuit jar. However, Margaret hits Henry's hand causing him to scream "OW!" Henry grabs the jar, and Margaret and Susan chase him. Peter, hiding behind the moving fence plank, tells Henry to hurry up. However, Peter closes the gap, and Henry bumps his head on it, and lays unconscious. Margaret tells to nod if he's dead. Henry enters his dream, and discovers that He and Margaret are aged 27. He screams "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" when he looks in a mirror. Henry doesn't realise that this is a dream. Margaret tells Henry that they are going to live in Margaret's house when they get married. Henry is forced to do jobs for Margaret like make Her and Susan coffee, or take the baby (which is Linda's who is trying out her bridesmaid dress) to the park, or make dinner, or do shopping.

Henry's jobs make no success. At the wedding, Henry stutters if he takes Margaret to be his lawful wedded wife. Peter's sons (Which Henry saw when Peter arrived at Henry's Home) fire Henry's bubble blaster. Henry dodges and the bubbles hit Margaret instead. Henry slips on a table blanket and lays unconscious. Henry returns to the real world, and snatches the biscuits and escapes back to his garden. When Peter comes by, Henry mirages there are two Peters saying "Will you play with me Henry?"

The episode ends with Henry screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOO!"



  • In the dream, Peter has two sons who look just like him.
    • As Peter's sons are Henry's nephews, they call him Uncle Henry.
  • Peter is also rich and famous in the dream and has his own TV show.
  • When Henry goes to the park he meets Ralph who is jogging.