Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick is the ninteenth episode of Series 1.


When Henry decides to get more pocket money, he starts to have a sale. Then his brain had an idea: Sell Peter himself!


The episode starts with Henry playing with his toy castle. Then he gets mad because the castle was rubbish and needed a proper one. He finds out that his piggy bank is empty and screams that he needs more money. Later, he complains to Mum about it, only to reply that 50p a week is enough. Peter then says that he saves money, making Henry angry and transforms into a Horrid Crab. Henry is then said that he doesn't get any pocket money for the following week, thus forced to "earn" money to save it up. He then puts ear wax on Peter's ear.

Later, he tries to set up a sale by selling some of his broken toys, including Dad's tennis racket and Mum's perfume. Ralph, Bert, and Al stop by at Henry's sale, already making 37p. Peter then saw his sale and complained that he was selling the perfume and the tennis racket. Henry then threatens him to sell him if he doesn't be quiet, then it gave him an "Eureka" moment: all he could do is sell Peter as a servant so Henry could get money and will get Peter back some money. Ralph then buys Peter.

At home, Mum asks Henry where her perfume went, he lies and said he hasn't seen it. Then she asks him where Peter went. He tells the truth and Mum gets angry at him.