Horrid Henry Goes to Work is the episode on Season 1


Horrid Henry

Perfect Peter



Bossy Bill

Big Bob


The episode begins with Henry's Mum and Dad argue about who's going to work. Henry then take cups and thinks of his parents having great jobs. He then breakes the cups and Dad told him to clean him up and Henry can go to work with his Dad. Henry's upset that they sell toothbrushes and toothpaste and he doesn't want to go to work. When arriving in a lift, Henry accidently pressed a emergency button. While firefighters cut a big hole to Henry's Dad's office. Henry kicked the cutted hole, which hurt the staff's boss. Henry's dad told him for the first time! While making the tea, Bossy Bill tricked him for putting mustard and ketchup in the tea. Henry remembers to do everything they say. He put them in the tea. When the sfaff drank the tea, it doesn't taste good! Henry's got the blame when Bossy Bill told the sfaff. While putting toothpaste in boxs, Bill squeezed a toothpaste tube. Henry then squeezed a toothpaste at Bill. Henry got the blame again. Bob gived Henry one last chance and give some documents to photocopy them.

Henry then tricked Bill for telling him to photocopy his bottom. Bill then listened to Henry and photocopy his bottom. Henry then put the CCTV camera towords Bill and the photocopier. The staff laughted at Bill and Bob was shocked! Henry blame him because his wants to do it. Bob sent Bill home for this and he'll deal with him at home later. He may got punished for it. Henry then plays a videogame on a computer and spin his chair hitting his dad.