Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter is the 10th episode in Series 1.


  • Horrid Henry
  • Perfect Peter
  • Mum
  • Dad
  • Rabid Rebecca (First Appearance)
  • Crabby Chris (Cameo)
  • Mad Martin (Cameo)
  • Tetchy Tress (Cameo)


  • In this episode, Rebecca has her job as a Babysitter. In Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher, She has her job as a Teacher.
  • In a Scene that shows Henry spilled juice on Crabby Chris, the juice was yellow. In a Scene Henry got juice all over him, it was Dark Pink.


  • When Mum and Dad come home, Dad is in his purple jacket and blue tie, but when he says they won't have Rebecca to babysit again, he's in his normal blue jacket and orange sweater.
  • When Rabid Rebecca counts to 5 seconds to make Henry and Peter run to bed, Henry runs to his room and opens his door and left it open. When Henry takes his clothes off, Rebecca opened the Door. Which means the Door is Closed.
  • Horrid Henry sees his Parents are coming. He opens the stair door and Rebecca comes in, his Parents haven't came yet. Rebecca picks up Henry and she says "I'm going to take you by Lim by Lim!", That scene the door was open and Henry's parents are Shocked.
  • Horrid Henry has Spaghetti in his plate and was eating it. When Henry is going to say "NOOOOOO!", his plate was empty. It's impossible he ate it too fast.

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