Horrid Henry and the Dinner Guests is the seventeenth episode of Series 1.


An outraged Henry manages to wheedle his way into a special dinner evening, but comes face-to-face with a worthy opponent - Mum's boss, who turns out to be even more horrid than Henry!




  • In Dad's flashback when Henry and Peter bring the food in to the dinner guests, Mum is not wearing her purple cardigan.
  • First appearence of Mr and Mrs Mossy.


  • When Dad says "Oh no, the mousse! I'll have to make another one.", Mum's top is its usual light pink colour instead of dark pink. Her gold necklace is also missing as shown when she goes to answer the door.
  • When Fluffy chases Mr and Mrs Mossy's dog and everyone runs out of the living room after them, Mum is wearing her normal clothes instead of her party clothes.
  • When Henry enters the living room with his Grisly Grub, Mum is wearing her normal clothes, not her party clothes.
  • When Mum says "I thought you were in bed.", she is again wearing her normal clothes, not her party clothes.