For the book originally known by this title, see Horrid Henry and The Tooth Fairy Horrid Henry and the Tooth Fairy is the third episode of Series.


Henry is playing cowboy with Peter, when petrrs tooth falls off. Henry gets jealous then says that it's not fair that everybody except him has lost a tooth. He Henry turn into A dinosaur then tries to break a tooth by eating alot of candy, but it doesn't work. He then tries to get Bert to ounch him, but that doesn't work either. He then takes away peters tooth and puts it under his pillow, but the next morning he finds out that Peter has got a pound instead of him. He then realized that he needed a gap in his teeth, so he borrows one of Magrets Dracula teeth. He then puts a black paper on top of his tooth. In the morning he finds a rubber pound and a note that says "good try Henry!" Henry gets caught by his mother for eating so much treats, and his mother tells him to eat a fruit. His tooth gets shaky, and so he takes another bite, but he accidently swallows his tooth!


  • When Henry tells Beefy Bert to punch him, his arms and shirt appears to be copy pasted over each other, making him have four arms.
    Henry has three arms

    The copy-paste mistake.