Horrid Henry on TV is the twenty-fourth episode of Series 2.

Horrid Henry on TV Season 2, Episode 24

Horrid Henry on TV

The premiere episode
September 6, 2009 (Sunday)
Previous episode
"Horrid Henry's Secret Surprise" (Episode 23) (11.04.2009)
Next Episode
"Horrid Henry's House Party" (Episode 24) (07.09.2009)


When the makers of Kidswap come to town, Henry thinks the idea of swapping parents is a great one - but he soon learns how wrong he is?


Henry, Margaret, and William play Kidswap, in order to win a big cash prize. Henry stays at Margaret's house, William stays at Henry's house, and Margaret stays at William's house. Henry enjoys Margaret's house, William enjoys Henry's house a little, but Margaret doesn't enjoy William's house because nothing is the way she likes it.


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