Miss Battle Axe: What's 1 + 1 x 2 + 2?

Rude Ralph: Where do Spacemen go to the loo?

Brainy Brian: Why is the sea blue?

Weepy William: Where's my other shoe?

Gorgeous Gurinder: Where do all the bubbles go to? Hmm..

Brainy Brian: Do anteaters really only eat ants?

Rude Ralph: Why does Superman show off his pants?

Singing Soraya: Can animals dance?

Horrid Henry: What's the capital of France?

Miss Battle Axe: Bert, is this yours by any chance?

Beefy Bert: I dunno.

Class: We dunno, we just dunno, ask us a question, we just dunno, we dunno, we just dunno, wherever we go, we just dunno!

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