Not to be confused with the Horrid Adventure world Lovely Land.

New Lovely Land is the first world in Horrid Henry: The Good, The Bad and the Bugly. It is a remastered version of the original Lovely Land.



Despite looking like a peaceful land, Lovely Land is a happy yet when advancing, quite dangerous place as there are collapsing bridges, bottomless chasms, attacking bunny enemies and even a Happy Hippo boss.

The appearance shows a forest of trees which have many berries in them and houses which are made of sweets. Behind them shows a bridge made of chocolate and a sky with multiple rainbows. Multiple mushbooms and chocolate hobblers appear. Boulder sized stones and elevating cloud function as platforms.

Houses with syrup running and a small rainbow in the background can be seen when moving and chocolate forts can appear with chocolate hobblers and save points.

When getting to Hippo Bridge, a rickety and weak bridge, the player comes across his/her first boss. After that, Horrid Henry unlocks an upgrade and unlocks World 2.






Enemies and Obstacles

  • Big Bunny - A melee enemy which attacks by hopping at the player. (First appears in Bunny Valley)
  • Carrots - Breakable obstacles that can block the way. (First appears in Back Track)
  • Bottomless Pit - If Henry falls in, it takes all of his health. ( First appears in Back Track)
  • Silver Fox - A fast enemy that charges and bites the player (First appears in Back Track)
  • Happy Hippo - The boss, can jump which can cause a shock wave. (Only appears in Hippo Bridge)


  • Lovely Land is similar to the Hallow from Terraria, both are fairy tale looking but are dangerous and deceiving.
  • This is a remake of the original Lovely Land, having more background, longer but limited amount of levels.