Miss Lydia Lovely is Perfect Peter's teacher. As her name suggests, she has a gentle nature. She is very proud of Peter's progress and behaviour and is always saying nice things about him to his parents. However, on odd occasions (such as when Peter hands in a 'Why I Hate My Teacher' essay Horrid Henry had written, which Peter originally wrote as 'Why I Love My Teacher') she had lost her temper. 
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Miss Lovely in the tv series

Peter appears to be one of her favourite students along with the rest of the Best Boys Club. While she is aware of Henry's horrid behaviour she is one of the only adults to not tell him off for it.

Miss Lovely in the Movie

Miss Lovely in the Movie

In the Movie her role is slightly expanded, she is shown to overhear the conversation between the school inspectors and the Headmaster of Brickhouse and their plan to close down Ashton Primary but she gets caught. Later when Peter and his friends come to rescue her, they use her phone to reveal his whole plan to Miss Oddbod.


  • In the episode Horrid Henry Alone at Home, Peter tells Henry that Miss Lovely said a 20 year old rock at Stone Park is nearly as old as her. This implies that she is at least in her early twenties.
  • She is portrayed different in the books, show and movie as in the books, she is rarely temperamental, in the show, she is calm and peaceful and in the movie she is intelligent.