Perfect Peter's Pen Pal

Title card.

Perfect Peter's Pen Pal is the sixth episode of Series 2.


Perfect Peter's perfect pen pal Super Sammy comes to stay, but is he really Super, or just downright Slimy? Is he as sweet and innocent as he makes out?


Perfect Peter's perfect pen pal, Super Sammy, comes to stay, but it is yet to be determined wether he is Super or just downright Slimy. Horrid Henry was going to find out, In the episode Sammy gets him into trouble and things get even worse, he cleaned Henry's room. Peter thought he was his best friend since he tries to steal Peter's stamp album and he explains everything. Before Sammy makes his escape, Mum caught him red-handed, subsequently sending him home to France with his parents. In the end, Peter reminds that Helpful Hans coming to stay next week and says he's his best friend in the whole wide world, but Henry wasn't happy and says "Oh no, Not again."


Roly Mo

Roly Mo appears.


  • Sammy complains that Henry is blocking the TV, even though it isn't on.