Perfect Peter Pumps Up is the ninteenth episode of Series 2.


When Bossy Bill turns up to make Perfect Peter's life a misery, Horrid Henry decides to step in and play big brother for real.


Bossy Bill joins Horrid Henry's school and makes Perfect Peter be his slave. Henry trains Peter to be fearsome and dangerous without a lot of luck, but when Henry discovers that Peter's bunny being taken and made fun of makes him very angry, Henry takes Peter's bunny to school the next day and shows it to Bill at lunchtime in the cafeteria. Bill steals bunny and makes fun of Peter and his bunny, which makes Peter furious. Then Peter beats up Bossy Bill and takes his bunny back. Afterwards, Henry tells Peter that he has impressed him, and pours his drink down Bill's back (who Peter is sitting on).


  • Peter's trousers are blue (the same colour as Goody-Goody Gordon's) instead of grey when Bill stuffs him in the bin.

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