Peter's Sons

Peter's Sons. (Horrid Henry Gets Married)

Peter's Sons are Perfect Peter's identical twin sons seen in Horrid Henry Gets Married, when Henry has a dream of being in the future. They are the main antagonists of Horrid Henry Gets Married. They both look like younger versions of their father and are distinguishable by the images on their shirts, one has a ladybug on their shirt while the other has a teddy bear face on his shirt. Though they existed only in Henry's dream, it is possible that they will be born in the future.

Three Peters

Peter with two other Peters at his side. (Horrid Henry and the Winning Ticket)

They are also seen in Horrid Henry And The Winning Ticket, in Peter's dream, where Peter says "I hereby declare the Perfect Peter paddling pool, Open!". In this episode, Peter looks like his normal child self, not his adult self as seen in Horrid Henry Gets Married.

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