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Purple Hand Gang Movie

The Purple Hand Gang as seen in the live-action movie.

The Purple Hand Gang is Horrid Henry's Secret Club.


Though all of Henry's friends at school could be considered as part of the Purple Hand Gang [1], only 3 people are explicity stated to be members of the Purple Hand Gang. They are, along with their jobs:

  • Horrid Henry - Leader (To be referred to as, Lord High Excellent Majesty of the Purple Hand Gang)
  • Rude Ralph - Second in command
  • Aerobic Al - Third in command
  • Brainy Brian - Fourth in command
  • Beefy Bert - Fifth in command
  • Moody Margaret - Sometimes leader
  • Perfect Peter - Sentry (Third in command) formely (called first Lord Worm but Peter don't want it,so Henry change it to Lord High Worm,however,Peter accepted it.)
  • Sour Susan - Spy/Guard formely (Third in command) formely


The headquarters of the the Purple Hand is a fort built in Henry and Peter's back garden. It was once threatened to be demolished by Mum, but with the help of Margaret and the producer of The Big Dig, it was kept and rebuilt. It is mainly a bunch of bars like monkey bars with a purple tarpaulin over it and an old sofa inside. In the books, it is positioned behind branches and there is a throne and a biscuit tin inside.


In the books, Henry's flag is a black flag with a white skull and crossbones on it. In the TV Series, it is made from an old pillow case painted purple and a light purple circle in the middle with a purple handprint in it.


The Gang's archrivals are Moody Margaret's Secret Club and they are always battling it out to be the best.



  1. Indeed, in the end credits, Margaret is shown holding the Purple Hand Gang flag leading a group of Henry's friends who are marching.


  • The Purple Hand Gang club in the Movie and in the tv show is much bigger than the club in the books.
  • The Purple Hand Gang is a parody of The Black Hand Gand. The group that assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This resulted in the First World War.

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