Rich Aunt Ruby
Rich Aunt Ruby is Mum's sister, Dad’s sister-in-law, Henry and Peter's aunt and the mother of Stuck-Up Steve.

She is regarded as rich and often buys Steve expensive gifts for Christmas. She also lives in a rather large old house with Steve. She is often seen as quite grumpy at times.

She wears a magenta suit, white shirt and magenta skirt in Horrid Henry. She has burgundy-magenta hair. Horrid Henry sleeps in the attic bedroom when he comes over for the weekend. She is also shown in Happy Birthday Steve. In Horrid Henry's Perfect Day, Peter throws spaghetti at Mum. In the Episode, Ruby said at the fair, "Henry was sick on my carpet!" .


Ruby in Horrid Henry- The Movie

Ruby in Horrid Henry: The Movie

Ruby and Henry
Ruby with a Candleholder