Series 1 is the first series of Horrid Henry, nearly all of the episodes are taken from the book series, which is still going on today, along with the tv series.


Horrid Henry's Tricks And Treats Henry's Parents refuse to let Horrid Henry from going trick or treating after cutting Peter's hair off.
Moody Margaret Moves in It just can't get any worse for Henry when his arch-nemesis, Moody Margaret, comes to stay with Henry's family. However, when Henry just can't take it any more, he has to get rid of Margaret, but how?
Horrid Henry and the Tooth Fairy Henry is the only person who hasn't lost a tooth. Then Henry gets a brilliant idea, to Trick the Tooth Fairy!
Who Stole Mr Kill? Henry's beloved teddy bear goes missing, and who does Henry accuse?
Horrid Henry Goes to Work Horrid Henry goes to Dad's work. But Henry has a strong dislike to The Boss' Son, who tries to get Henry into trouble.
Horrid Henry's School Fair Henry donates his old doll to win a water blaster at the School Fair, but how can he prevent the others from getting the number he wants on the treasure map?
Horrid Henry's Sports Day It's sports day - Henry's least favorite day of the year, made worse when he finds out who he has to partner in the three-legged race.
Horrid Henry's Hike Henry is missing the Rapper Zapper Marathon by being forced to go have a hike in the countryside.
Horrid Henry's Christmas Henry is desperate for a Galactic Goo Shooter and a Boom Boom Basher for Christmas.
Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter Horrid Henry is stuck with Rabid Rebecca, the toughest teenager in town. To save his reputation, Henry has to team up with his brother to defeat her before his parents come home.
Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady Henry has had enough of School Dinners, so he decides to have a packed lunch instead. The only problem is when a dinner lady begins to steal all of the junk food.
Horrid Henry's Birthday Henry wants his birthday party at Lazer Zap, unlike his parents, but if they say no it'll have to be at home. Unfortunely for both of them, Henry was banned from Lazer Zap. The party will have to be at home!
Horrid Henry's Hobby Henry is jealous because Peter got a Gold Gizmo, and tries to find a way to get one.
Horrid Henry's Time Machine Horrid Henry tricks Peter into believing a cardboard box is a Time Machine. 
Horrid Henry Goes Swimming Horrid Henry tries to avoid swimming after a nightmare about Sharks, and later, he decides to use this as an advantage.
Horrid Henry Eats Out Horrid Henry goes to a fancy french resturant with his rich aunt and stuck-up cousin. All that stands between Henry and £2 is a plate of Snails!
Horrid Henry and the Dinner Guests Mum's boss comes around for dinner. Soon, Henry quickly realises this guest is unlike any other.
Perfect Peter's Horrid Day To get noticed, Peter tries to be horrid, but fails big time.
Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick Henry is running low on cash, so he decides to gain more, by getting rid of items he thinks are junk, and selling Peter as a slave!
Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge Horrid Henry has had enough of Peter. He teams up with Rude Ralph, Moody Margaret and Sour Susan to have his ultimate revenge.
Horrid Henry's Sick Day Henry tries to slack off school.
Horrid Henry's Perfect Day Henry wants to go to a funfair but his parents don't believe he deserves to go, so Henry has to prove he deserves to go to the Funfair, by being good.
Horrid Henry and the Secret Club After their strong rivalry, Henry and Margaret decide to settle things, by challenging each others club to see which is the greatest.
Horrid Henry's Injection

Henry faces his worst nightmare: an Injection.

Horrid Henry's Time Capsule Horrid Henry is not allowed to put his slime into the class Time Capsule, so instead he decides to take something else of extraordinary value to Peter. But in the end, Henry has to do everything to get it back…
Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend Henry tries to win a school football match to win tickets to a Manchester United match.
Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes Henry tries to win a Talent Contest in order to win tickets to the Killer Boy Rats.
Horrid Henry Runs Away With no Pocket Money, Henry decides to run from home and nobody knows about it.
Horrid Henry's Haunted House Henry goes to spend the weekend at Rich Aunt Ruby's. Stuck Up Steve tries to trick Henry into thinking the attic is haunted.
Horrid Henry's Hideo Video Henry tries to record a hilarious video in order to win £200, but having to deal with Moody Margret, which makes the accidents Henry was planning turning into accidents himself.
Horrid Henry's Underpants Great Aunt Greta sends Henry Pink Lacy Knickers. Now Henry has to go to school in them, and not get Debugged by his Classmates.
Horrid Henry Computer Whizz Henry cheats in a test, and now everybody wants him to do all their computer problems for him!
Horrid Henry Makes Some Money

Henry decides to get more money, by showing everyone a Fangmangler.

Horrid Henry and the New Teacher Henry faces his toughest challenge yet. A teacher even worse than Miss Battle Axe: Mr. Nerdon! A teacher so terrible that Henry has to team up with the entire class to get rid of him!
Horrid Henry Meets the Queen The Queen is coming to school! Henry can't wait to ask her 'How many TV sets she owns'. But unfortunely, only one person can greet the Queen, and that person is Perfect Peter
Horrid Henry's New Shoes Henry's Mum is going shopping, and she wants to take Peter and Henry, but Henry has his eyes stuck on a pair of trainers, Root-a-Toots...
Horrid Henry's Household Chores Even though Henry likes weekends, he hates having to do his chores!
Where's Fluffy? Fluffy runs away from Henry's house.
Horrid Henry's Fairy Dance Henry has to find a way to stop Peter's obsession of fairies!
Horrid Henry's Horrid Hamster Henry's hamster, Fang wreaks havoc at the school.
Horrid Henry's Diary Horrid Henry has to write a Diary for his homework, and it's not what he wants!
Horrid Henry's Aquarium Henry goes to the Aquarium with his arch enemy, Margaret.
Horrid Henry Tidies Up It's Henry Vs. Peter for keeping their rooms tidy for 5 days to win a trip to their favorite restaurant. 
Horrid Henry's Wedding Horrid Henry's cousins, Prissy Polly and Pimply Paul get married, and Henry wrecks havoc at it.
Horrid Henry's Dance Class

Henry's Dance class goes wrong.

Horrid Henry Reads a Book Henry has to read books in order to win a prize, but what will it be?
Horrid Henry's Trapped Henry and Peter are locked in the cellar. Later, a huge bookshelf falls at Peter. Does Peter say himself, he doesn't, Henry saves him! 
Horrid Henry's Sleepover Henry regrets having a sleepover at Nick's house.
Horrid Henry's School Trip After an Ice Cream Factory trip gets cancelled, Henry and his class goes to the Our Town Museum. However Henry has to cope with Peter wearing the same clothes as he is, and he soon finds that handy.
Horrid Henry's Holiday Henry and his family go to camp close to nature. the Family like being close to nature. But after Henry's through with them, their minds will change!
Happy Birthday Peter! It's Peter's Birthday, and Henry and Ralph are desperate to eat Peter's Birthday Cake!
Perfect Peter's Revenge Peter decides to take his revenge on Henry after he gets even Horrider than ever.