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Horrid Henry- Killroad roadkill killroad roadkill (At Stage) Killroad roadkill killroad roadkill

People- "Henry, Henry, Henry!"

Dad- "Henry, HENRY! For the 1000 time! Henry school!"

Horrid Henry- "Whats the point in School; if I'm going to join the 'Killer Boy Rats!' No point! Thats the point!"

Dad- "School now! And if you think we're taking you to see that horrid band, you can think again Henry!"

Perfect Peter- "Dad! Henry bumped me!"

Dad- "Don't be Horrid Henry!"

Horrid Henry- "Why not? The most important thing in my life and you won't take me! Its not faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!"

'(Title appear's)

(Henry with Ralph)

Horrid Henry- "Mum and Dad won't take me, how unfair is that?!"

Rude Ralph- "You should report them to police!"

Horrid Henry- (READS) "School talent competition- all pupils welcome!"

Rude Ralph- (READS) "First prize- tickets to show of your choice!"

Horrid Henry- "Problem solved!"

Moody Margaret- "I wouldn't bother entering that if I were you..."

Sour Susan- "Because we're going to win!"

Horrid Henry- "Not if my new band has got anything to do with it!"

Moody Margaret- "Ha! Whats this new band called then?"

Horrid Henry- "Erm... Henrys Horrid Heroes! Yeah, henrys Horrid Heroes!"

Sour Susan- "What kind of a names that?!"

Horrid Henry- "Oh just the name that the band is going to win the talent compition! The day after tommorow! Na na na na!"

Rude Ralph- "So Henry- whos actually in this band then?"

Horrid Henry- "Erm- you are!"

Rude Ralph- "Aah! Do you really think we can win Henry?"

Horrid Henry- "(LAUGHS) "We're going to win alright!"


Horrid Henry- "WOW! Serious Guitar Ralph!"

Rude Ralph- "Yeah! Mum won't let me play it in house, she saids it gives her a headache."

Horrid Henry- "Mums just don't understand! So, what shall we play?"

Rude Ralph- "But what can we play?"

(Over to the lounge)

Dad- "I just know you're going to pass your exam Peter! You're going to make us so proud!"

Perfect Peter- Ladies and Gentlemen, today I shall play my faverate piece. The theame from Happy Hipoes!"

(Peter starts playing music)



(Over to the tent then over to Susan and Magaret then back to the tent)

Sour Sasan- "Why do I have to be the Dummy?"

Moody Margaret- "Because everyone knows you're a better Dummy than me."

Sour Susan- "Oh!"


'Moody Margaret- "Huh, I've had enough!"

Horrid Henry- "Care for antagraph?"

Moody Margaret- "Huh! As if, keep the noise down- we're practising!"

Horrid Henry- "Huh- don't bother we're going to win! Easy!"

Moody Margaret- "(LAUGHS) "You're rubbish! Even the Killer Boy Rats are better thann you and you're not even a band! There are only two of you, so your a duo! So duo the whole street a favor and SHUT UP!"

Rude Ralph- "She's right Henry, we'll never be as good as the Killer Boy Rats!"

Horrid Henry- "No, we won't. We'll be better! Come on we've got to get a third band member!"

(KIds lineing up)

Both- "Enter!"

Horrid Henry- "Why do you want to join our band?"

Weepy William- "I want to make friends and be happy!" (CRIES)

BOTH- "Next!"

(Garinder plays the guitar)

Gourges Garinder- "Well?"

Rude Ralph- "I thought you were great! Henry?"

Horrid Henry- "Too good! NEXT!"

Rude Ralph- "Can you sing?"

Beefy Bert- "Er- I dunno."

Horrid Henry- "Play a piano?"

Beefy Bert- "I dunno."

Rude Ralph- "Bang a drum?"

(Bert shakes his head)

Horrid Henry- "Shake a tamberean?"

(Bert shakes his head again)

Rude Ralph- "Click your fingers?"

Beefy Bert- "I dunno!"


(Andrew next)


Horrid Henry- "Can you actually play that?"

Brainy Brain- "Erm No. But I know lots of interesting things!"


Horrid Henry- "I told you ralph! No girls allowed! A huh! there is our third band member! So if you joined my band, you can be captain Peter of the Puple Hand Gang."

Perfect Peter- "What like an in charge captain?"

Horrid Henry- "Yes erm sort off. I still leader of course."

Rude Ralph- "And I'm second in command."

Horrid Henry- "But you can be next in charge after that."

Perfect Peter- "WOW! I'll do it! But theres no time to practice!"

Horrid Henry- "Oh don't you worry about that. Killer Boy Rats, here I come!"

(Back at school)

Horrid Henry- "Well my Horrid Heroes, todays the day!"

Moody Margaret- "Yeah the day we're going to win! And you are going to come last!"

Sour Susan- "Yeah last!"

Perfect Peter- "What if she's right? What if we do come last?"

Horrid Henry- "Oh relax! I've got it all sorted! Those Killer Boy Rat tickets are mine!"

(Perfomance begins)

Miss Odd-Bod- "Good afternoon and welcome to this first talent competition! Our first act is Al who going to try and beat the school press up record!"

Soggy Sid- "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven..."

Horrid Henry- "Come on. Do your stuff!"

Soggy Sid- "Eight, nine... Al?"

Aerobic Al- "(scream)!"

Miss Odd-Bod- "Well next we have Brains Brilliant Brain!"

Brainy Brain- "Ask me question, anthing at all and I will know the answer!"

Women- "Who invented the telephone?"

Brainy Brain- "Easy! Alexander Graham Bell!"

Man- "Whats the capital city of Portugal?"

Brainy Brain- "Simple Lisbon!"

Horrid Henry- "Who gave Lazy Linda the answers in last weeks math test in a return for a big bag of sweets?"

Brainy Brain- "Erm, me I did it!"

Miss Battle-Axe- "I want a word with you!"

Miss Odd-Bod- "Well there goes Brain and his brain! Next is Margaret and her fertranlist dummy Susan!"

Moody Margaret- "I say, I say, I say, I say, why do ducklings walk softly?"

Sour Susan- "Because they can't walk hardly!"

Moody Margaret- "I'm suppose to say that bit, you were suppose to say I don't know!"

Sour Susan- "Well I didn't did I."

Perfect Peter- "They're really good!"

Rude Ralph- "Too Good!"

Horrid Henry- "Then lets give the audience something to really laugh about!"

Rude Ralph- "Huh! What are doing?"

Horrid Henry- "They're about to drop out of the show!"

Moody Margaret- "Say something then dummy!"


Horrid Henry- "Oops!"

Perfect Peter- "That was really Horrid Henry!"

Miss Odd-Bod- "Oh dear! And now is moment we've all been dreading, please except my sincier apologies for Henrys Horrid Heroes!"

Horrid Henry- "One, two, three, four!"


Moody Magaret- "Henrys cheating!"

Horrid Henry- "Wooooooooo!"

Moody Margaret- "Let go!"

Henry- "No!"


Audience- "They were miming! Booooooooooo!"

Miss Odd-Bod- "My office now and you Ralph!"


Horrid Henry- "My toady little brother is going to win! I'll get to see the Killer Boy Rats yet!"

Miss Odd-Bod- "Oh you Horrid Boy!"


Dad- "Well done Peter!"

Mum- "Our clever Angel!"

Horrid Henry- "Yeah well done worm! Who would of thought that you chello will win me tickets to see the Killer Boy Rats! Well Worth a triple detention! Killroad kill! Whats this?"

Perfect Peter- "Great isn't it?"

Mum- "We're all going to see Happy Hippos On Ice!"

Horrid Henry- "What?! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"


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