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    Protecting pages

    March 24, 2018 by RustycatsAJ

    I'm working on protecting more pages  for now, as this wiki has a lot of vandalism. I don't have enough time to check up on it every day, so my solution is I'll lock the most popular pages, at least the ones most people go to such as main characters and that.

    If you wish to add anything onto the wiki, please just let me know and I'll do that.

    Things to make sure of before you add anything at all;

    • Is it information, or opinion? Opinion goes in comments, not on the page. People are coming to read information about said character or thing, not to know a lot of fans don't like a specific character.
    • Is it needed or just filler? The ideal wiki page is not too long because of small details no one cares about. Such as "In (episode name) Mum is seen ea…
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  • RustycatsAJ

    As you may have read on the Community Portal, this Wiki needs new and fresh administrators, and it has finally taken the big step necessary to do so!

    We need an active bureaucrat, and I have applied for that already.

    I can't promise I'll become the new bureaucrat, anyone can apply, but if I DO, you are MORE than welcome to leave a message on my wall on why YOU should be a new administrator on this Wiki.

    Not much that hasn't already been changed will be changed. I just ask that whoever gets the bureaucrat position makes sure to get new administrators, as our current ones (Minus myself!) have gone inactive. You can't do all the work alone!

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  • RustycatsAJ

    While I may not be active every day, I still check up on the Wiki to be sure no one ruins anything

    If you're caught being nothing but an account made for vandalism, you get blocked.

    If you're caught vandalising, but also helping, you get a warning, ignore the warning, you get blocked.

    Everyone who gets blocked gets a chance to write to ME for why they shouldn't have, as a chance to get unblocked.

    In other words, vandalising is a waste of time, I'll just IP block you from the Wiki.

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  • RustycatsAJ

    If anyone is left here, I encourage y'all to make blog posts too, so we seem to be more.. awake, maybe get more people here

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  • RustycatsAJ

    I know not many people will read this, but I'm planning on getting DVD's of every Horrid Henry episode, and once I get that, I'll be trying all I can to add proper info to these and those pages.

    A lot of vandalism goes on on this Wiki, and I'm trying to stop that - If anyone can contact any admins about this, so they could consider "hiring" new admins, that'd be great.

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