The Zero Zombies is a band that Horrid Henry formed. Most notable members:

  • Horrid Henry
  • Rude Ralph
  • Aerobic Al
  • Beefy Bert
  • Brainy Brian

Horrid Henry: The Movie

The Zero Zombies are first seen when Henry is in detention. Henry lets them in and they sing a rock song. When Ms Oddbod and the inspectors catch them, they are band from the talent contest. Moody Margret helps the Zero Zombies enter the talent show by lending them some 'girly' outfits. The Zero Zombies do take part in the contest and they win. Henry then won 2 Cool 4 School. They were going to pay the school inspectors to save the school but realised that Perfect Peter had already sorted it out. Instead Henry had a party at his house. The Zero Zombies were also invited.

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